Guest Post ~ Brent & Patti

It happened – your perfect wedding day.  Your dress was beautiful, he wore his custom cufflinks, the emotions you felt when seeing each other for the first time.  The DIY mastery, flowers to make anyone “ooh” and “ahh”, your first dance. You’re back from your honeymoon and loving every day together as a married couple.  […]

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Guest Post ~ Emma Poliquin

Hi friends! I am Emma, a newborn and family photographer friend of Christa’s from Nova Scotia. While Christa is away on vacation, relaxing with her toes in the sand, I am here with you all and feel so honoured! I am slightly addicted to Instagram, as many of you likely are as well, so I […]

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Guest Post ~ Amanda Morrison-Hill

Besides my family and photography, travel is kind of my thing. Because of my day job (travel agent), I have had some great opportunities to see some exciting places especially over the last couple of years. Since getting my start in photography 6 years ago, taking great photos while I am travelling has become a […]

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Guest Post ~ Taylor Roades

When Christa asked me to write a guest post for her blog – I was extremely flattered because well she told me I was an inspiration. I also kinda laughed at that because it is a little ridiculous. Christa and I met in a photography workshop in July of 2011. I was 21 and completely […]

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April 17, 2014 - 4:21 PM

Patti McDougall - Taylor – This blog post is exactly why I think you are such an amazing person!

Christa – I hope you are having a well deserved vacation, see you when you are back.

Going Into Vacation Mode

It’s late…I should be sleeping. But in true pre-vacation fashion I’m burning the candle at both ends trying to make sure everything is taken care of before I go into vacation mode. While I’m away, I have 4 awesome friends and colleagues from the photography community who have agreed to guest post. Yay!! Because we’ll […]

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